Monday, January 20, 2014

What's in my Hospital Bag?

So this was meant to be written before giving birth, but that was definitely not going to happen with a semester coming to a close and all kinds of last minute deployment and baby things that needed to be done. Better late than never though! Here is it!

OK, so bags! Here's the breakdown:

1) My makeup bag with a few essentials. Mineral powder, mascara, toothbrush, toothpaste and my brush. (Definitely needed my loofa and razor-will remember for next time!) 2) Always Radiant Infinity overnight pads! You will not wanna wear the ones the hospital provides for you, too thick and uncomfortable. These are thin, but super absorbant and actually very comfortable. 3) Black nursing top from Target. 4) Hanes weggie free undies. I use these during "that time of the month" they're awesome! 5) Another non-nursing tank. 6) A tube style bra. I knew with breast feeding my lady parts would be sore so I wanted something soft and loose feeling with some sort of support. 7) Pads for what comes out of the lady parts. 8) A maxi skirt! Something light and flawy to go home in. 9) Socks! One pair are some SMU socks that go mid calf. I wore these while in labor when my feet got a little cold. Then the other pair I wore for a while when in the mother-baby unit. Not pictured: a pair of striped sleep leggings I wore around the unit. I got out of that hospital gown like ASAP! My phone, charger and a few snacks like hard candies and a honey bun (my "reward" haha).

Then here's the baby girls clothes that is all pretty self explanatory.
Two onsies that ranged in size, one long and thin and the other short and wide. The one on the left is what we actually took her home in despite it being a little too long for her trunk. We also took a thicker fleece blanket for her, but only used when we took her home in the car since it was a little chilly at discharge. 

Inside the smaller aqua floral bag was her wipes, swaddle blanket and thicker blanket. Tripler, where I delivered, only had paper towel like "wipes" that are not damp, so we took our own. Then there is my nursing pillow which really came in handy for me while nursing and for my husband while he was holding her (who knew a newborn could weigh so much).

Since we lived so close (less that two miles away), my husband just ran home for a few things as he needed them. The only thing he took and left at the hospital was his pillow. Also, not pictured is her carseat which my husband is seen clicking into the base in the picture below. It stayed in our car until we were right about to leave. 

Hope you enjoyed! I'm very minimalist and adapt really well so taking too much wasn't necessary. 

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Harley Isley Tomlin

I haven't blogged in...a while, but it's finally time to catch y'all up, huh!
On November 26, 2013
at 4:16 am
Weighing 7lbs 15.9 oz.
20 inches long
Harley Isley Tomlin was born

She couldn't be anymore gorgeous, loving, happy and fun!
We are the proudest parents to this baby girl!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Letter to My Baby Girl & 37 Weeks!

Dear Harley,
It's so hard to believe that you could come at any given moment. In fact, your daddy and me think you'll be here sooner than later, something we are both beyond ok with that too. I can't wait to cuddle you and see what gorgeous features you get from us, and your daddy just wants all the time in the world with you before he has to say goodbye for a few short months. I will miss him so much and I'll wish he could share in all the joys (and sleepless nights) of having you in our home, but I know he will miss every moment he can't be with us just as much.
Today, on your island, your home, our home, Governor Abercrombie signed a bill allowing same-sex marriage. This may or may not pertain to you, but in a way it most definitely does. Now, more than ever, I want this world to be happier and filled with more love so you see more of the good rather than bad that the world has to offer. I want nothing more than for you to possibly see your best friends get married and share their lives together no matter what their orientation is. 
I hope we can always make you happy and fill your world with the most amazing things, I know we are probably going to spoil you to death from day one. I really cannot thank you enough for being my little girl, our little girl. You've brought momma and daddy so much closer together already, just by choosing us to be your parents. I love you so much, my little Kangaroo! So many people cannot wait to meet you! 

Sunday, November 3, 2013

35 Weeks!!!

Hey, bloggies! My post says 35 weeks, but tomorrow November 4th I will officially be 36 weeks. Ahhh scary! Today I am a month away from my due date and the sense of panic and urgency kind of hit me a little hard. I realized she could pretty much come whenever she feels like it and there is still just a few more things we need to buy before she gets here. 
BUT today my post will be about how I got this far! Nifty little products made my life a little easier and I want to pass that on to you all! 
disclaimer: I was not paid to talk about any of these products. None of the pictures belong to me, but were retrieved from the sites I have linked in the descriptions.

  1. The Motherhood Maternity Belly Sleeve! The only cost is $16.98 each, but when I went into the store I bought two because they were 2 for $25. I got one in white and one is black! They're absolutely perfect for hiding that your pants aren't buttoned or zipped up all the way. I didn't want to spend too much money on maternity clothes because in the grand scheme of time I knew I wouldn't use them for too long...and maternity clothes is god-awful! So these were perfect since I didn't buy absolutely any maternity pants. 

2. These babies I did live in though! From about 25 weeks to present I have worn them at least three times a week. They're under armor's StudioLux capris. I purchased them in my pre-pregnancy size and they stretch but don't lose their general shape so I look forward to wearing these post pregnancy as well! They're a workout pant, but still look casual enough to look like leggings. I always made sure to cover my tush, of course! Best pants ever! 

 3. Nature Made Prenatal Multi Vitamins! I couldn't stand the ones that get issued prescribed to you at   Tripler, so I did my research (with the help of my mother) and found some that most benefitted me. I knew I wanted some that contained fish oils, but had a really hard time finding some that didn't give me the nauseating fishy burps, these ended up being perfect! No fishy burps and baby and I still get everything we need!

4. Texas Tervis! If you haven't exposed yourself to the wonderful invention of Tervis tumblers, you really need too! Their insulated walls keep things so cold and their lids are easy to drink out of. At some point between 14 and 20 weeks, I gave up on water bottles. I just couldn't do it for some reason and needed another alternative, this ended up being perfect! I drink out of my Texas one constantly and it really does go everywhere with me and holds everything from water to...sweet tea!!!

5. On the topic of SWEET TEA, it has been my number one craving for as much of this pregnancy that I can remember! However, Hawai'i isn't exactly booming with the best sweet tea on every corner.  Now, my Keurig makes it on a daily basis! Lipton came out with these sweet tea k-cups and I am in love! They're amazing! I just wish they came in boxes of 50 instead of 10. 

6. Finally, shoes! Cannot tell you how important it was to me to find comfortable shoes! Specifically the ever popular "slippahs" that are a necessity to island life. I rocked reef sandals for as long as I could remember, but my pregnancy feet hated them! My feet would ache horribly after only half an hour of walking and I finally got so frustrated I threw them all out. Then comes the days of being in hell (for my husband). We went to every shoe store imaginable and could not find comfort and style in any pair, until I found these gorgeous Flirty Braidy sandals by Rainbow Sandals! I forgot where I ended up finally finding my size, but better late than never! My tootsies are thankful and so is my husband because he hasn't heard a peep from me about trying to find sandals since. 

So there it is! The products I absolutely adore and have made me a happier pregnant lady.